The Oscars are an event that many people each year look forward to with excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately this year's event has been marred by accusations of racism and bias.

I read interesting article about how the process of the Academy Awards are awarded to the actors.

There are approximately 4000 members who vote on who should get an Oscar or not. The way it works is that all the members are posted DVD's of the movies a few months before the event. The members are meant to watch all the movies and then vote on which movies and actors they think deserve an Oscar.

Unfortunately what is happening is that there are too many movies to watch and it is too time consuming to adequately evaluate every movie and actor. According to the article the judges just select the movies they want to watch and nominate the actors in those movies while the movies that the judges didn't have time to see are left out.

This is according to the writer one of the reasons there is so little diversity at the Academy awards.

This made me think of how so much of our lives are created by other people's perceptions. We are molded by what others think of us.
At school if you are the lucky one and you got the teacher to like you, you got any with being naughty or got better marks.

At work if your boss likes you then you got a promotion. Our whole world is created by outside people telling us their opinion.

Like the judges who don't watch all the movies they are meant to, don't let people who don't have the time for you to define your life.

"Never allow yourself to be defined by someone else's opinion of you."