The Heat was ferocious. The Sun was beating down relentlessly. It hadn’t rained in months.

Brutus the lion was fierce and aggressive. No-one crossed his path.
Shelly the sheep who was a mellow, meek and mild sheep.

She looked after three little lambs and stayed out of trouble. She always kept out of the way of everyone and didn’t dare cause any harm.
The drought was getting worse and worse.

Shelly walked up to her usual lake to drink a little bit of water and opened her mouth but there was no-water only sand. She spat out the horrible dry sand and went to search for water for herself and her little lambs.

She walked and walked in the furious heat for days and days. She came across a small lake. She gently put her mouth into the water and drank.

Brutus was irritable, angry and hungry. It was hot and he hadn’t eaten in days. He slowly got up and started walking to his pond, his pond. Everyone in the animal kingdom knew to stay away from it for they knew the trouble they would be in.

He looked ahead and couldn’t believe his eyes. A sheep was drinking from his pond. The rage built up inside of him and he started running and running through the bushes as fast as he could.


He ran straight into Shelly who go knocked off her feet. He growled a mighty roar and lifted his paw for the killer blow. For how could a Sheep drink from the pond of a lion?

Out of the glint of his eye he saw something, Vultures.

Circling above looking down at the spectacle. Waiting in anticipation for the hearty meal he was about to enjoy.

Brutus realised even if he killed Shelly he was too exhausted in this ferocious heat. He would also die and become a meal for the circling vultures above.

If he insisted on the Lions share he would have nothing.

Something amazing happened in the animal kingdom.  Brutus let Shelly go and together side by side two animals drank the precious water together.

A few kilometres away on Farmer Brown’s farm there were two donkeys.

Adam and William. Adam was lazy and slow. While William was hardworking and did everything he was asked.

One day the farmer asked Adam and William to accompany him to the market to drop off the farms precious fruit and vegetables to sell. It was a long and treacherous journey.

Early in the morning the farmer with his two donkeys left the farm. William carrying the heavy load and Adam the light apples.

Along one of the rocky paths William took a step and a nail cracked his hoof. He cried out in pain.


“Adam! Please help me I can’t carry this weight with my sore leg.” William pleaded for help.  Adam just ignored his fellow donkeys plight and continued the journey.

A few minutes later there was a loud crack and William came crashing to the ground. His load flew all over the road.

William had broken his leg.

The farmer got out and with tears in his eyes took out a gun and shot William to release him out of his pain and misery.

Adam the lazy and uncaring donkey now had to carry his load and William’s load. His burden was now so much greater.

These maybe stories from the animal kingdom but these have huge relevance in our lives today.
There is story that Nelson Mandela stopped his motorcade to pick up a woman who was carrying heavy parcels in the rain.
Every day I see people like William the donkey working hard and I see people like Adam the donkey hiding away from hard work.
Without Team work humans, cannot achieve anything.
Every one of our greatest achievements have been done through team work.
My call to you is to create a culture of teamwork so that we can all achieve wonderful things otherwise we will all, be left with nothing.
This past week there was a truck protest against the government changing coal suppliers and insisting on independent contractors. The truck drivers obviously didn’t like this and have organized a “drive slow” along the highway which has caused a lot of aggravation for the public.

The government has stated that coal power is unsustainable and needs to be phased out in the near future. This I agree with. 

The truck drivers don’t like this and don’t understand that there are other opportunities. Instead of blocking the highway and frustrating and harming other motorists why don’t they see the other opportunities that may come available to them?

Life is all about change. Experts are saying that in the next few years 47% of all human jobs will become obsolete in the next few years and will be taken over by computers or robots.

Almost every working human being will be forced to change jobs and thus learn new skills in the next few years.

The ones that are prepared to get out of their comforts zones and work hard but most importantly learn are sure to succeed. It is not possible to stop technological progress.

120 years ago, it was moving from the horse and cart to learning how to drive a car. What did people want back then a “horseless car.”!

I wonder if the horse and cart drivers blocked the entrance to the car companies 120 years ago, to protest that they would soon be unemployed?

Accountants had to move from the manual calculator to Microsoft Excel, nowadays there will be a move from coal to renewable energy. The truck drivers will have had to start learning how to transport solar panels, inverters and fragile cable in a responsible manner.

It is not possible to stop progress and technological advancement. Coal is outdated and will stop being the used to power, Power Stations.

Google is developing driverless cars which surely will also mean driverless trucks.

What are the truck drivers going to do then? Protest outside Google because they are not needed anymore? Because computers have taken over their jobs and computers can drive and deliver goods.

In conclusion protest is a fact of life and if you are being attacked or persecuted then protest.

You are not going to be able to stop progress or change the course of the future. People need to learn new skills and competencies in order to be prepared for the future.