The hunter slowly crawls through the bush. Arrow placed in hand ready to pounce. Then suddenly. Attack!! He runs and kills the animal he was trying to hunt.

This is how people thousands of years ago used to catch their food. Then one day someone came up with idea of planting seeds in the ground to grow food and look after animals in order to eat them later on. It must have seemed a strange idea.

You plant seeds and then six months later you have food? You catch small animals look after them and then when they are older and bigger you eat them, instead of running around trying to catch them.This is what we know as farming.

Fast forward a few thousand years in the busy offices of the 20th Century. A new magical machine is being born. A machine that can do mathematical calculations, process data, communicate with each other. I am talking about the computer. 

It was billed as a machine that would transform the world. It did transform the world. People were able to work faster and more efficiently, people were able to communicate with each other despite being overseas and thousands of kilometers apart. 

Nowadays I am finding that computers can supposedly do more but in practical terms do less and less. 

This past week I needed to get a Bank statement, usually this process is quite quick. I duly arrived at the bank and requested a statement from the teller but the bank has recently had a new computer system installed, so instead of quickly printing out the statement and leaving quickly. I had to be put through to the call center in the bank which was a frustrating experience. Eventually after not getting anywhere with the call center the teller tried to help me herself. 

Since the new system has lots of new changes the teller was unfortunately not able to help and she didn't understand how to use the new system. I watched around me almost all of the people in the bank were having a similar experience, being frustrated by not getting what they need from the bank, mostly because of the new computer upgrades.

The future was meant to be a place where people's quality of lives were so much better. As these types of experiences are becoming more and more common. I ask myself where is the future going? Computers are more powerful than ever but seem to be able to do less and less because of security, complexity or slow systems.

Are we heading backwards or forward in making the world a better place?