I was on my way to visit a friend at the Johannesburg Art Gallery which is in Hillbrow. On my way to the gallery suddenly I was surrounded by hundreds of cars in gridlocked traffic. There was a metro police car on my left dealing with a crime scene and hundreds of taxi’s on my right.

Then suddenly my leg goes buzz buzz, it was my friend who I was meant to meet who had sent me a SMS. “Still lying in bed” read the message.

What!! I remember smacking the cushion of the car seat next to me. I am sitting in the middle of Hillbrow in such a dangerous situation and you are still lying in bed.

I eventually negotiated my way out the traffic jam and parked in the parking lot.

Still furious. I walked round the building where I looked up and saw an amazing sight three other people who were waiting for me for the tour of the Art Gallery which I had arranged. I quickly composed myself and introduced myself.

We then entered the art gallery where a representative from the City of Johannesburg was waiting to meet us and she had kindly arranged a personal tour for us.

There were four of us plus the guide who were walking around the empty art gallery looking at amazing and magnificent pieces of art while he was giving us an amazing tour. If we were in any other city such as London and New york we would be surrounded by hundreds of people but here we were looking at amazing and rare art works.

I remember looking at the art works and thinking to myself.
What lessons can I learn from this experience?

I was still angry at my friend who had let me down.

For the artists who had created the art had gone through much worse strife and pain than what I was going through.

Soon the wonderful tour was over and we all headed back home. It ended up being a really nice day.

There were powerful lessons learned that day.

Lesson 1: You are defined by what you do not by what people do to you.

In the years that have passed since this incident I have learnt that you are defined by what you do not how others treat you. I was there for my friend that day.

Don’t let people who don’t care about you bring you down. So many times outside people say insulting and hurtful things to other people. What really matters is what you do.

Lesson 2: Hard working normal people can make a big difference in the world.

There are lots of people trying to make a positive difference in the world. From the City of Johannesburg employee who arranged a tour for us even though we were such a small group to guide, to the other people who did arrive that day. Their presence made a big difference.

I remember a quote that when tragedies have happened or there is wars, there are always people who are rebuilding not destroying. There will always be someone who comes into your life and builds you up.

Lesson 3:
Life does get better

f someone had come to me that morning when I was so upset and angered by what my friend did to me and said Jarrod, in a few years time you will end up doing the things you do and and finding the new better people in my life. I wouldn't have believed them.

My call to action to you:

Find a that real person who wants to be with you and is a real friend.

Remember the old M-Net adverts where they go deep into a forest trying to find something magical and then finally end up 

“If there is magic out there we will find it. Find that MAGIC!

“When things seem unjust or unfair, and you show up anyways and give 100%, that is when greatness shows up.”


04/29/2016 1:38am

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05/09/2016 11:13pm

For the artists who had created the art had gone through much worse strife and pain than what I was going through.

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