This past weekend the annual Comrades Marathon event was held. There are approximately 20 000 people that participate in the race, the race is approximately 90km long and is run between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. 

I remember reading an advert once describing the race and it went something like this:

Up the longest and toughest hills
Running through rain and mud
Getting up before dawn every day for six months
Going through pain and suffering

.....and that is just to get to the start.

This was quite a motivating and powerful statement. 

In order to just get to the start you have to put in so much hard and difficult work. Usually alone without anyone to help you.   

Life is a lot like this statement, most of our hard work is done behind closed doors and alone. Practicing a new skill or working on something, usually alone slowly getting better and better. 

Running the Comrades Marathon requires a huge amount of hard work and commitment to achieve the goal of finishing.

People can learn a lot from the commitment, dedication and perseverance it takes to finish the race and use it in their personal lives.


Comrades Marathon event is one of my favorite event and i with my friends enjoyed a lot.Thanks for sharing this article with us and i ll prepare my new ideas regarding this event asap.

03/05/2017 1:54am

I would love to participate in races like this. Comrades Marathon is indeed a popular event. They say that it is one of the most challenging and toughest marathons in here. It would really test the discipline and the strength of the challengers. I'm sure they trained hard for this event.


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