It was new years eve 2018. 10…9…8…

Yes, I was asleep at exactly 9 minutes past 10 and eights seconds to be exact.

The days of me staying up late to welcome the new year, just do not seem to be as exciting as it used to be. When I was younger staying up until 12pm was the ultimate highlight watching the clocks reset to 01/01.

I got up early the next morning, crept out the house on tip toes without waking anyone and soon I was on my way to the Constantia Parkrun.

The run was in a wooded forest, with exceptionally tall trees with a magnificent mountain backdrop. Surrounded by exquisite natural beauty.

Myself and approximately 150 other eager runners set off through the forest to do the 5km run. We were running through the forest along well-worn paths, up and down some exceptionally steep gradients.

I looked at my watch I was running at exactly 5 minutes a kilometre. I was running very nicely and chugging along at a careful consistent pace.

It was nearing the end; the finishing flag was in sight. There was a steep hill, I powered up the hill my legs burning, rounded a corner when suddenly….

I felt a shearing pain tear through my ankle. I made a big growling sound, somewhere between the mysterious big foot and an injured gorilla.

Legend has it that some residents of Constantia are still too scared to venture out their homes in case they come across the mysterious New Year’s monster that lurks the Constantia forests.

I stopped and tried rubbing my ankle to soften the intense throbbing pain. Frustration, anger, disappointment and sadness all engulfed me at once.

I hopped a few meters to a bench where, I stopped again to rub my ankle to still try getting rid of the pain. One of the marshals who saw what had happened gave me some words of encouragement. I hopped and ran the last few hundred meters to the finish.

This wasn’t meant to happen. 2018 was meant to be year of change. It was meant to be the year of doing great things, making an impact in the world. Instead on the 1st of January 2018 I was hopping along with a sore ankle.

The thing about plans is that they never go to plan. It was very disappointing what happened, and it put a damper on the last few days of the holiday.

But, 2018 will still be the year of change, 2018 will still be the year of doing great things. My ankle recovered the next day enough for me to walk although with a limp and sometimes using the beach umbrella as a walking stick.

The thing about goals is that they are not meant to be easy. There will always be obstacles in your way stopping you from achieving your fullest potential, those obstacles test you. To determine how committed you really were to achieve your goal.

The people who succeed in life are not the ones who had it the easiest they kept on going even though things were tough and not going to plan.

It doesn’t matter what you plan to do but keep on moving forward it doesn’t matter if you are flying fast gracefully to your goal or hopping along on one leg like me, but keep moving forward.



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